Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Lanterns - DIY

I recently saw these easy patriotic lanterns on the Michael's website and knew I had to try them - I wasn't about to turn down a craft so prominently displaying the American Flag! 

4th of July Lanterns - Supplies:
- Small American flags (close to 4"x 6"in size)
- Smooth sided mason jars
- Decoupage medium
- Small foam brush
- Twine
- Sand
- Candles

1.  Carefully remove flags from sticks, taking care not to rip the fabric while removing the staples.

2.  Using foam brush, apply decoupage medium to the back side of the flag and apply to a jar.

3. Apply additional decoupage medium to the front of the flag and let dry.

4.  Wrap twine around mouth of jar several times and tie to secure.

5.  Place a small amount of sand in the bottom of each jar and place candle on top.  Light candle and enjoy the glow from your patriotic lantern!

It took me all of ten minutes to make these!  And the best part about 4th of July decorations?  They are also perfect for Memorial and Labor Day!  

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

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  1. These home made lanterns would have been great to make this last 4th of July. My kids would have loved to make and then display these American lanterns on the 4th. They don't look to hard to make, so I think that even I could have made a few without to many problems. Thanks for the great idea for next year.


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