Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays 62

Welcome to Tasty Tuesdays!

I was planning on sharing the recipe for a delicious pecan pie that I made last week while on vacation in Arizona.  But, it's Monday night and I just don't think I have it in me to get a post up!  I got back on Sunday evening and the three hour time change sure is a lot to get used to.  Getting up for work this morning was rough!

Back next week with the recipe!

What did you cook this week?

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting! I've added the Asian-Style Chicken and Pasta.

  2. Hi,
    I shared a recipe for fermented cabbage juice – an incredible healing food! Also, an article about how to conquer the sugar craving beast.

    Join me in the Detox Challenge!

    Share any detox posts you have for methods and recipes!

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hope you had a great trip! I'm excited to have a recipe to link to your party! Looking forward to more AZ pics :)

  4. Alissa - I'm super impressed you bake on vacation! Can't wait to see your recipe next week. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Ahhh nice picture! Welcome back and hope you had a GREAT trip! Thanks for hosting!

  6. ...you know, they have something you can take if you can't get it up..?

    jk, jk.

    This week i'm sharing my recipe for Salmon Puttanesca. Thanks for hosting!

  7. As post #56, I have to say that I am going to be really busy looking over all of these great ideas! (I shared Raspberry Chicken, which is a sweet and sour, baked chicken using real raspberries instead of food colouring.)

    Thank you for hosting!

  8. I'm with Stealthy Mom - am stoked (and busy!) to check out everyone's posts.

    Let's get down get down, and linky party up! I've shared my recipe from Rock Paper Ingredient Challenge - Espresso: Classic Tiramisu


  9. Boy have I had those days! Thanks for hosting. I found some great recipes from blogs that linked up this week. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Quiet Luxury

  10. Thanks for hosting! My first link party starts tonight and goes through Saturday. I'd love to have you link up if you can!

  11. Mushroom Tortellini with Creamy Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese.

    I'm cooking in the microwave right now and am always kinda leery about it. But with a cooking bag the dry pasta came out perfect. The onions, garlic & celery sweated instead of getting crispy like they do when I've gotten distracted at the stove.
    It came out more stewy than saucy because I like to taste and see all the minced veggies.

  12. Thanks for hosting a delicious party! I'm looking forward to that pecan pie recipe. :0)


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