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Dr Oz 3 Day Cleanse: A Review

Last week, my sister and I decided to do the Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse.  I normally eat pretty well, and work out 3-5 times a week, but have been at the same weight for a year now, and was hoping to jump start the loss of a few pounds.  The cleanse is only 3 days - and I figured there isn't anything I couldn't do for at least three days!
The cleanse is very easy to follow.  The breakfast, lunch, and dinner shakes are the same for all three days.  Click here for a printable sheet of the image above.
- The Dr. Oz website states the the cleanse will cost $16 a day.  After purchasing our groceries and supplies, we found the cost closer to $25 a day.
- We decide to do the cleanse on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  That meant that I would need to take the Breakfast and lunch shakes with me to work.  The breakfast shake is quick to make, but the lunch one is more involved.  Each night I cut up the celery, cucumbers, and lime needed for the lunch shake to save a little time each morning.
Day 1:
- I enjoyed waking up in the morning and drinking the green tea.  It was nice to be able to have something warm in the morning in place of my coffee.  I am a regular coffee drinker and thought I would have a really hard time without it.  I definitely missed it, but it wasn't as bad as I thought and I never experienced any caffeine headaches.
- I loved the breakfast shake.  It turned out to be my favorite each of the three days.
- I had an additional green tea at work between breakfast and lunch.
- The lunch shake gets pretty awful reviews online so I wasn't sure what to expect.  At first, It tasted better than I expected, but toward the end I could barely get it down.
- After lunch, I was really, really full, almost to the point of being uncomfortable.  My stomach was really bloated and crampy.  Was not expecting that on a cleanse!
- 3:30 in the afternoon and I was exhausted!  I do not ever remember being this tired at work.  I can not tell you haw badly I wanted to lay down my head on my desk and take a nap!
- After work I went to the gym and got in 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I felt fine to work out.
- Enjoyed the dinner shake.  Still incredibly stuffed and bloated.  I was never hungry and never had the additional snack shake and any of the three days.  I don't think I would have been able to get it down!
Day 2:
- Woke up feeling really bloated and stuffed (still!)
- Again, enjoyed the breakfast shake.
- For the lunch shake, I used spinach instead of hte kale and blended it more to try and get rid of the strange texture.  It helped, the lunch shake tasted much better to me.  It is still my least favorite, though.
- 2:00 PM: still having major stomach issues and decided to take 3 tums.  It helped.
- Again, exhausted in the afternoon.  This normally doesn't happen to me at work.
- Went to my 30 minute spin class after work and had no problem working out.  In fact, it felt really good.
Day 3:
Woke up feeling great!  Was happy that it was the last day and knew that I was going to make it.  Also, my stomach finally feels back to normal.
- I felt great all day on the third day.  Even the lunch shake seemed a little better, but I only drank a little more than half.
- Decided not to work out on the third day.
- The dinner shake tasted so good.  I actually contemplated doing the cleanse for another day!
- I skipped the bath on the last night.
- Woke up on the fourth day and weighed myself - I lost almost 5 lbs.  It's been a week and I haven't put any of the weight weight back on. 
- My sister lost 7 pounds!
- I'm glad we tried this.  I think I would consider it doing it again or trying a different cleanse.
- What I missed the most?  Chewing!  I never thought it would be so hard not to chew on anything for three whole days. 
{ To read my sisters review and thoughts on the cleanse click here }


  1. Great job. I might have to try this and hope to not put the weight back on! :)

  2. I have never done a cleanse before and just told my hubby that we will give this a try. Since the lunch wasn't your favorite do you have any recommendations on making it taste better?

  3. Great!
    I will try it for my next breakfast!
    Have a nice day.

  4. This definitely looks easy to do! How did you blend the lunch drink at work...maybe you have a blender at work. I don't so I may have to wait for a three day weekend in order to try this out! Thanks for you honesty and results!

  5. 5-7 pounds is really impressive! I've never done anything like that before, but may need to give it a shot before any summer trips. I am sure that took a lot of discipline! Way to go, ladies :) I'll let you know if I decide to do it. I may need some cheerleaders! Hah

  6. Hey Alyssa! Thanks for sharing your views on the cleanse. My husband and I tried something like this earlier last year, but we couldn't make it past day one. I think if we try it again I would go this route. Congrats on losing the weight too!

  7. Perfect timing! My husband and I were just discussing that we were interested in doing a cleanse. I think I'm going to try this next week! I also had the same question about how you took the lunch drink to work - did you blend it that morning and keep it in the fridge? or would that not work? thank you!

  8. Great review! I might have to give this a try, those shakes look awesome. By the way, is that a Penn State cup with the "S" in it??

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  9. wow sounds like this cleanse while it had its moments turned out to be very beneficial. i wouldn't like the bloated stuffed feeling but i guess you just have to get through it!

  10. I've had to do cleanses for medical reasons, and that awful feeling is normal. It's part of leaching all the grossness out of your system. I'm glad you stuck with it anyway, to see the positive results! I would add that it goes away faster if you drink TONS of water through this or any cleanse. Thanks for sharing your results with us!

  11. I like the way you explained it on a day to day basis, and how you felt drinking these shakes. I think that all that fiber probably made you bloated and feeling very full.
    Like you, I would miss the chewing too :)
    Congratulations on loosing some weight.

  12. Hi Alissa - I have been pinning all of your pins for months and finally came to check out your blog. :) I love it! I think we could be friends in real life :)

    I did the master cleanse a while back and I missed chewing the most too!

  13. I am glad I had your description to read ~ although I don't EVER want to go through all that. I'll just keep the five pounds, thank you!

  14. Wow! That's incredible that you saw such great results! I might have to try this to get rid of the last baby pounds!

  15. They now sell Dr Oz premade 3 day cleanse drinks. @ Costco each 3pack costs $16 I bought. 3 though for all 3 days.

  16. Loved reading your step by step account of the cleanse. I may give this a try next week.

  17. Loved Reading This! It's coincidence that I found your blog today, as I just started Day 1 of this cleanse. It was good to read your account of the 3 day cleanse. I'm feeling much more empowered now!
    Thank you!

  18. I don't know how you did it. Personally, I would die without protein for three days. I realize there's a shade of it in the almond butter, but still. But it does show me that I could lose weight if I eat meat and lots of salad - and nothing else. I really need to try that for a week.

  19. I'm in day 3 if this cleanse and it was much harder than I expected. The lunch drink is so horrible that its hard to get down. I'll see what the results are tomorrow, but I don't know if I'd go through this again! I ws surprised

  20. Started today, and did well. I was able to get a light work out in! I am usually not motivated enough to get there.
    Not sure I am in the mood for a bath, but I feel great having day 1 down! Lunch drink is harder to swallow, but isn't as bad as I thought it would be. So on to day 2 tomorrow and hope it goes as well as today!

  21. I don't have a bath tub. (our house only has a shower) is the detox bath really worth it??

  22. After about a week of drinking the green drink I began to feel a radical change in my body. But I felt like I was getting a bit sick from the stuff. Later I learned that its a sign of detoxification. The detox got so bad that I was pretty sick for about 3 days.
    Green drink

  23. I just started the cleanse, and have but one question: Is the lunch drink supposed to make a whole blender full? OMG. I don't know that I can drink the whole thing. Also, I had to add extra almond milk because there wasn't enough liquid for the blender to work.

    Please advise, as I'm sitting here drinking the first glass of the lunch drink, while dreading trying to finish a whole blender full of it.

  24. Oops. Forgot the email address. It is cadlespam at gmail d0t c0m.


  25. Like a lot of others, I had a hard time getting the lunch drink down the first day. The texture was too thick, and the recipe makes A LOT. I'm currently on day 2, and though it may be "cheating", I put the kale through a juicer along with the celery, lime and half of the cucumber in order to thin out the drink.... MUCH better! I figure that doing this is better than giving up all together. Highly recommend if you're having trouble getting lunch down!

  26. Thanks for the post! Starting the cleanse today and nervous, but it makes me feel more comfortable after reading your review.

  27. I plan on starting this cleanse tomorrow. On my way to a healthier me. Anyways after the cleanse you went right back into eating as normal?

    1. Yes, I did, but feel free to do whatever feels best for you!


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