Thursday, December 22, 2011

Made in America Christmas

Hi guys - welcome to the fourth and final installment of the Made in America Christmas Series.  I've really enjoyed searching out US manufactured products.  I think I will continue to periodically post about products made in the USA that I really like.

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Also, head on over to my sister's blog, A Little Ditty to see her Made in America Christmas post this week.

A few weeks ago I came across a company called Hickoree's Hard Goods.  They offer lots of made in the USA products.  Click here to see all their USA products.

I would love to have Santa bring me this Heritage Leather Co. Bag.  I love the simplicity of it.

Also from Hickoree's, this awesome Collectors Set of Crayola Crayons.

The set includes a tin with 64 crayons and 8 retired colors.  Fun!

I know Crayolas are for kids, but I wouldn't mind these for myself!

Did you know that the Slinky is still made in the USA?  Yay Slinky!  Hickoree's offers this Collectors Edition which comes in packaging designed in the 1940s.  Pretty cool.

If you want to check out all the products Hickoree's offers from the USA, go right here.

Next up, Anchor Hocking. You've probably heard me talk about them before on the blog - they are a favorite of mine for their simple and functional glassware.  Most of their products are made in the USA.  I also really like that Anchor Hocking products are inexpensive, and readily available.  Target has a great selection.

Here are just a few of my favorites...

I have a few of these Heritage Hill Jars in my craft room.  The one gallon size is only $11.99.  You can use these jars in just about any room of your house.
Another favorite, the Apothecary Jars.  The medium size is only $4.99!
OK, this 44 oz. water pitcher is $5.99!  It would make a pretty vase too, don't you think?

I think every kitchen could use a set of these glass mixing bowls.  Another great value at $19.99.

Right now you can save 30% of your order at the Anchor Hocking Online Store by entering "endofyear" in your shopping cart.

Stop by A Little Ditty to see my sister's made in the USA pick this week.  She promises that she is participating this week - last week she had to skip because she had a crazy week at work!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Great post! I am into lots of glass lately too especially how they scare the bejesus out of you with how harmful plastics are.

  2. I have that exact box of crayons. I broke them out the other week for a project. The crayons are not in the greatest shape, but I have never used the retired colors.

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  4. Nice post and I love the look of your blog very much. Thanks to you and your sister for doing your Made in America pieces. I am convinced that if more Americans like us bought American made products, we could create hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs in this country. You should check out a cool organization titled Also, I am blogging on all things Made in America on a daily basis at Thanks again, Merry Christmas and may you and your family have a wonderful New Year.

    All the best,

    John Briggs

  5. i am with the Sister, i love glass and don't want to use plastic anymore. be sustainable and green.
    love your blog. Happy New Years


  6. Super lovely blog!


  7. Thank you for your suggestions of made in America products to purchase as gifts for Christmas or any time of the year. I will be checking your blog for more made in America products.

    Some of my favorite made in America products:

    SAS shoes -
    - Available at Golden shoes in Palos Heights, IL

    Munro shoes - - Available at Nordstroms and Nordstroms online

    Karen Kane clothes for women- - Available at Macy's / Oak Brook, IL

    Yankee Candles - Available everywhere

    No nonsense - socks, stockings, tights - Available at Walgreens and Jewel-Osco

  8. Hi, my post for this morning is up..

  9. I love that bag too! It's simple but still unique and fun, and the colors are great!


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