Thursday, December 1, 2011

Made in America Christmas

My sister and I are teaming up to bring you a Holiday series called "Made in America Christmas".  Each Thursday, from now until Cristmas, we will share a few of our favorite American made products - perfect for gift giving!

Earlier this Summer, ABC Nightly news started a made in America series.  I love the news segments they have put together.  I pretty much get teary eyed at every one!  For more information on their series, click here.

According to ABC, if every American spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs.  Pretty amazing, right?

My first pick are these beautiful Pendleton blankets, available from Lands' End.  The blankets are not inexpensive {prices range from $149.50 - 229.50}, but I think in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.  Shown above is the Navy Stripe color.  It is also available in a beautiful neutral colorway, called Toasted Rye Stripe.

The blanket is also available in several solid colors, like this chocolate brown:

Here's the description of the blankey for LE's website:

"Pendleton® Mills, the legendary Northwest weaver, creates these blankets for us. With 140 years in the region, the family-owned business has a strong commitment to weaving wool in a way that leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment. So the Eco-Wise Blanket uses only soft, 100% pure virgin wool certified as Cradle to Cradle® eco-effective by MBDC (a product and process design firm promoting sustainability; learn more at The blankets are so thoughtfully made, the wool can be recycled or even composted — and will stay soft and colorful wash after wash. Whipstitched binding. All sizes are 96" long. Machine wash. Made in USA."

Pendleton has a large selection of many items on their website, including this beautiful throw, called the Stripe 5th Avenue Throw.

Pretty, pretty...

I also really like this throw, called the Merino Throw.  It is available ins erveral different plaids colors and is $108

The soap & tea towel pictured above wasn't originally on my list, but I searched the Lands' End website for products made in the USA and this was one of the items that came up.

The Monogram Soap and Linen Towel Set is $29.50 and the monogramming is free.  What a perfect hostess gift!

Next up is the Stormy Kromer hat.  I read about Stormy Kromer last month {or mayber the month before?} in Country Living.  Every month they feature a Made in America product. 

Stormy Kromer products are made right here in Michigan, in the beautiful Upper Penninsula.  If you are ever in Ironwood, MI, Stormy Kromer offers a free factory tour.  Fun stuff.

Pictured are the Original Wool Stormy Kromer Cap.  You can buy them right on the companys website for $34.99

You know I love this green one:

The caps are available for both men, women, and kids.  This kids cap in red is adorable:

There's a cute story to how the Stormy Kromer company got its start - read about it here.

Those are my made in America picks!  Do you have a favorite made in America product?

{ Head on over to A Little Ditty to see what made in America product my sister is featuring. }

Also, don't forget to link up tomorrow morning for the Kitchen Favorites link party.  I will have the link up and ready to go at 8 AM EST.


  1. Ooh, those soaps are a nice idea. I've not seen those before. Really like that fact from ABC about buying American, very cool.

  2. I'm struggling to find a bough for the mantle that's made in America (and lead-free). Any ideas? I've found only a very few companies that make artificial trees in America, but haven't found a single one that also makes Christmas boughs, swags, and wreaths in America. I'll keep my eye on this post to see if you or your sister have any thoughts. Thanks.

  3. i am so in agreement with you alissa! why don't we shop more american and bring jobs back into our country. it is crazy that is we spent $64 each then how many more jobs will be available in america. lets think more about our shopping instead of just buying the presents, lets think about where they are

  4. WE've been watching the ABC series too and I always yell 'tell me what to buy without going to the website....make it easy on me'.....WEll, here you are making it easy for us.

    Thank you!!!


  5. Props Alissa! I love the idea of Made In America, we all need to rally for that. Made In America, means more jobs, more money stays here, and less trade deficit for us. So much to gain from buying Made in America! Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.

  6. Nice idea!
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  7. This is partially why I love the holidays and colder weather....I love seeing everyone in scarves, hats, and coats....It also seems like a time when everyone is more cheerful and nicer to each other....Love the holidays, fall, and winter!-Jessica

  8. I am so glad that you've started this series. Not only am I interested in finding great gifts for the holiday season, but I'm also very passionate about stimulating the American economy! Can't wait to read more posts! Have a great weekend.

  9. I love this post idea! I already bought my dad a Stormy Kromer hat for Christmas. He's going to love it!

  10. Shop for great AFFORDABLE Christmas gifts! American made with American source materials. Truly 100% American! Also, patterns and recipes are handed down through many generations in my family. Just like Grandma's...handmade with love! Read our story.


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