Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lake Michigan Vacation

Earlier this Summer, I spent a week of vacation at a lake home on Lake Michigan.  What a great, relaxing week we had!  We had absolutely perfect weather the entire time that we were there and enjoyed every minute of our vacation.

The house we rented is in Southwest Michigan, about halfway between Grand Haven and Holland.  Both are wonderful Summer Beach towns with great restaurants and cute downtown shopping districts. 

We spent most days relaxing on the beach and enjoying the water - although it was still pretty chilly!  My sister and I enjoyed spending the evenings on the deck, enjoying a glass of wine.

Counting planes in the sky...

{ Baby Sister, Mom, Me }

The house is only 30 minutes or so from where we live.  That made it nice because we were able to have friends and family come out and visit us for the day.

{ Dad & World's Cutest Brother }

We like to think of Lake Michigan as similar to an ocean - only "unsalted" and no sharks!

The evenings were just beautiful.  We West Michiganders like to say that we are on the "right side of the Lake" because the sun sets over Lake Michigan.

Collecting driftwood was a favorite passtime.  I came home with a pretty nice collection.

This kayak provided endless hours of entertainment.  After several failed attempts, my brother and I mastered paddling around in it.

My sister and brother never did quite master it, though  My mom and I watched them from shore and were laughing so hard we were almost crying.  Every time the two of them got in they tipped over!

We went in to Grand Haven several nights for dinner.  We rediscovered an old favorite, Fricano's.  Yum, their pizza is delicious.  I remember going there often with my parents when I was a kid.

We also rode our bikes in to Grand Haven one morning for breakfast - 7 miles!  I know that's not a lot for you bikers out there, but for us, it felt like a lot.  Especially for World's Cutest Brother who's bike only has one gear.  Not so much fun for him.

We also ate lots of meals at home.  When we did, we ate outside on the deck.  I love eating outside in the Summer, don't you?

We also enjoyed fires down by the beach.

What a lovely week on Lake Michigan. 

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  1. What a perfect retreat! Your photos are beautiful. I love Lake Michigan-wish I was closer!

  2. You took some stunning photos! Thanks for sharing and , yes, your lake does look a lot like my ocean!

  3. You are right - the sun does set on the right side of the lake!! It's stunning. And, you have thoroughly started my day by making me miss Michigan.

  4. great pictures!! I've always wanted to go to lake mich and I should go since I dont live that far since Im in Ohio. looks like a great trip!

  5. Beautiful photos! I love Grand Haven!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful as always! I would love to visit Michigan sometime! That's exactly the kind of vacation I like.

  7. What gorgeous pictures. I looks like you had an amazing time!

  8. Your pics are gorgeous - it looks like the perfect vacation. It's going on my list of places to vacation! :)

  9. Ahh I loved this post and all these photos are beautiful! There is simply no place better than Lake Michigan in the summer! I grew up in Michigan and we always spent time there each summer (both in the Grand Haven area as well as futher north up by Traverse City/Sleeping Bear Dunes) and it's so gorgeous! And you're totally right about the whole no saltwater/sharks thing :) I feel like people that have never been to Lake Michigan have no idea how amazing it is, it's a hidden gem...thanks for sharing! :)

  10. That sounds pretty perfect! Your pictures are stunning, too.

  11. Hi I just became a new follower here. Great photos! :)

  12. What a beautiful life, girl! I know you had such a great time.

  13. You are a very talented photographer. I love the light you have captured, beautiful. Ha, ha! I come from the land down under and we have sharks. I think a lake that emulates a beach would be kinda nice.

  14. Hey I salute your choice to select michigan as a vacation destiny...really an awesome place to be there with your family..other than that photography is of great quality and I like the photo of wine glasses the most...thanks for sharing your vacation experience with us..


  15. Gosh this looks SO much like my grandma's beach in Montague! Miss Michigan!!

  16. WOW! Breathtaking pictures! Looks like a wonderful vacation!!!

    ~Jen @ Yummy-Healthy-Easy

  17. LOVE all the pictures Beege. Brought me right back to our Summer vacation. We really need to get started on our shutterfly book, I will work on that... Love the shot of everyone looking at the plane and some of the sunset one with the waves coming on shore, great shots.

  18. That looks like an amazing place to vacation, Alissa. The sand and the sunsets and the fires in front of the lake - yes please! Your photography is awesome by the way!


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