Sunday, November 14, 2010

Handmade Holidays. . .Felt Wine Sleeve

A few weeks ago I was browsing through a magazine and saw these cute wine felt gift bags.  I thought it was a great idea and decided to make my own.  I really like how they turned out! 
If you would rather not sew and are interested in purchasing the original version I saw in the magazine, click here.
- felt (if you use sheets from the craft store, you will need two per bag)
- button, or button cover kit and fabric scrap
- contrasting thread
- scissors or rotary cutter and straight edge
Cut the following pieces:
{Note that the pieces labeled 3" x 8" in the photo are actually 2-1/2" wide.  I tried that size first before deciding that 3" x 8" was the right size}
Use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut pieces to size.
For the 4" circle I found a mug that was 4" wide and traced it onto the felt.
At this point, decide if you want to add a monogram or another decorative feature to your bag.  In my first version, I didn't add anything.  But in the other versions I did.  To add an monogram, print out a letter on your computer and trace on to fabric and cut out.  Stitch your letter to the bag or use Pellon Wonder Under and and iron on to one piece of the 6" x 8" felt.
Next, pin the two 6" x 8" pieces together (RIGHT sides out; you want to see the seams) and sew along the two edges.
Next, pin on the bottom and sew.
Now your bag looks like this:
Take the two 3" x 8" strips and pin together.  Sew along three sides.  You do not need to sew the fourth edge because you will be sewing that to the back of your sleeve.
After sewing around three edges:
Now you need to cut out the area that will fit through the top of the wine bottle.  The opening should be 2-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide.  I used a roll of tape to trace the half circle on each end.  Start the half circle 2" from the top of the rectangle (the top is the edge that you didn't sew along).
Cut out the area you just drew.
And sew along the edges.
Almost finished!
Pin the rectangle to the back of your bag and sew.  Make sure to only sew to the back of the bag and not through both layers!
{In the next version that I made, I sewed the rectangle on to the 6" x 8" piece of felt before I sewed the front and back together and it was much easier.  Does that make sense?}
Use a fabric covered button kit to cover your button.  Put a wine bottle in the bag and determine where your button hole and button should be sewn.  Cut the button hole and sew edges on your sewing machine.  You could also use a button hole function on your machine but I thought it was easier to just sew with a straight stitch.  Sew button to bag.
That's it!
I ended up using Wonder Under to iron on a "n" to the front of the bag.
Here are a few photos of the wine sleeves I made:
Aren't these cute?  I think it's an easy way to dress up a bottle of wine.  And inexpensive too.  I think I made each one of these for about $1.00 each!
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emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

These are so, so cute and will be so fun for the holidays!

Madigan at madiganmade said...

These would be cute plain... but the monogram and button elevate them a little more. Simple and elegant for the holidays. Love!

Brandi said...

I love them, as I do everything you make!!!!

the cape on the corner said...

what a great idea! love them 4 a hostess gift.

Wendy said...

Cute and great gift idea! So glad you shared it with us :)

Traci said...

If I could sew I would definitely make these!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

So cute. I love it! And, the colors you chose are gorgeous, Alissa.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

These are so cute! Makes me want to give every one some wine :)

Ashley @ A {Blonde's} DIY Life said...

ohh very cute! great hostess gift!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

These are such a great gift idea, Alissa! I love them. I especially like the buttons. Great work!

paisley penguin said...

These are totally cute! I am so going to have to make some!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Those are absolutely adorable! What a great gift!

Heidiho said...

Too bad I don't have a sewing machine, or I would make some.

Heidi @

Liz said...

oh my goodness, that is just the cutest thing ever! love it!!

lorenabr said...

Great!A fab idea!

Nonsense Nana said...
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Nana Nonsense said...

Super cute idea. I'm going to have to use my sewing machine for something other than hemming and repairs. You're inspiring me! I'm trying my hand at my own blog, Nana Nonsense. I hope you'll follow me!

Elizabeth Benfield said...

what a great diy gift idea!

Val said...

I'm loving these. You are so creative.

Allison said...

Fabulous and such a great idea! They are beautiful This looks fabulous!! Would you consider linking this over at Tell Me Tuesday on Vintage Pollyanna? I'd love to have you!

Kristen {a little ditty} said...

Whoah...I see a K and an N I getting one of these for Christmas?! I love how they turned out! Very cute!

Lilymom said...

These would be great for an at home wine tasting as well. A pretty way to cover labels so that you can blind taste the wine with friends and figure out your favs without considering the label, etc... Really cute!

Wendy said...

What a lovely gift idea, thanks for the fab tutorial!

cleverlyinspired said...

Love it...sharing on FB

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Hi Alissa,

Just thought I let you know that I featured your seahorse and shells from vintage printable yesterday -love how you framed them!! And the illustrations are so gorgeous. Below is the link in case you want to check it out.

Free Printable Art Pictures of Sea Animals

Natalie said...

I love them! What a perfect gift! Thanks for sharing!

DANA said...

That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at our Strut Your Stuff Party!

Jen said...

If I ever learn to use a sewing will be because of you!
Fabulous! Again!!!

Karena said...

Alissa I can't believe how creative you are ! These wine bags are wonderful gifts (with wine of course)!

Come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye! You will love the interview!


Art by Karena

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I love me a personalized gift, include the fact that wine is involved in the gift and I'm sold!

jill said...

hey alissa! thanks for the comments on my blog (even if late - haha!). love these felt projects, but i don't sew...yet. very lovely, as always! jill

Carmie of the Single Nester said...


Carrie said...

I just whipped one up, with fleece rather then felt (it's what i had on hand) i can see where the felt would be easier to work with. Still super cute for a last min gift i needed to give!
Thank you, Thank you...Love it!

Colleen said...

What an amazing idea! They look so elegant.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I don't sew, so I would just have to buy them. :) You could totally make these and sell them on Etsy or something!

Kristi said...

So great! I only wish that I had this tutorial last year when I was making my wine bags. These are so much cuter than mine turned out!! :o)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These are adorable. Love the monogram. What a great hostess gift! Thanks for linking to Dare to DIY!

Samantha said...

These are so cute and seem so easy! Thank you!

Debra said...

I love these. I am always looking for new ways to package wine as gifts and this is great - the monograms add such a special touch.

Claire said...

Love this fab idea-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!!

Kerryanne English said...

Another great tutorial Alissa - I have to make one of these.

I'd love it if you could share this over on my Simply Christmas Inspiration Party at

Anonymous said...

I love the look of these. As I am making one at this very moment, I notice the opening for the neck of the bottle is way too big. I think the opening should be 2-1/2" long not 3-1/2". Next time I'll make the opening smaller. And I think I'll sew the opening first then cut it out. Still looks good though. I made it out of the faux leather material from WalMart. Thanks for the idea!

alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

Yes - I you are correct. A typo on my part. Thanks for catching that! Of course, wine bottles do vary in size, so it would be a good idea to check all the dimensions to make sure they fit your wine bottle before making!

Doro von Hand zu Hand said...

a great idea. much better that just adding a bow to the bottle.

I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

doro K.


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