Sunday, January 28, 2018

Christmas Wrappings 2017

I know Christmas seems like a long time ago now, but I still wanted to get my 2017 Christmas wrappings up on the blog.  I love wrapping presents and try to go with a different theme every year.  This year I added navy to the mix.  I've never considered navy for the holidays before, but I really love how the navy pairs with red and green.

I only bought one new roll of paper this year - the pretty navy blue pattern in the photo below.  It is a Tommy Bahama brand wrapping paper that I found at Homegoods.  It almost has a vintage feel to it.  Everything else I used was from my stash....I'm a bit of a wrapping paper and supply hoarder.

Here's a photo I posted to Instagram:

I love using initials as gift tags.  I buy wood or chipboard initials and then cut a patterned piece of paper to fit and glue on.  I think it's fun to use instead of a traditional gift tag.

I love initial stickers too - just slap one on a tag and you are good to go!

I also like to buy floral picks at the craft store.  They are inexpensive and really add so much to your packages.  Just tie a pretty bow, and slide in one of the floral picks - easy and beautiful! 

And just so I don't forget it, here is my 2017 Christmas Tree...

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