Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter on Lake Michigan

I've been posting a lot of snowy Lake Michigan pictures on Instagram lately taken with my iphone, but thought it would be fun to post some on the blog taken with my real camera. This is our second winter living on the lake and I am amazed all the time of how beautiful this lake is.  Even in the winter in freezing temperatures!  The most amazing thing is how different the lake looks every single day.

Before all of the icy snowy pictures, how about a look back to November...

It's so hard to believe that these were taken just in November!  It seems like it's been so long since I've seen sand down at the beach.  The next two were also taken in November.  Snow on the ground, but no ice on the lake yet.

Slightly different view now. 

See the mounds out there?  When I took these photos, there was nothing but open water behind them.  Now, it's all frozen.  The mounds themselves are the craziest thing.  They are much higher than they look in these photos, probably 20 feet high.  When the water is rough, all the snow and ice from the lake gets tossed up on the mounds and they get bigger and bigger.

I thought these frozen ripples of water at the shoreline were the most amazing sight.  Aren't they beautiful?  Nature is amazing. 

Another day, another look for the lake! I love it when the sun comes out! 


I took the next photo last Sunday, the day after we had a Winter Storm Warning.  With these pretty blue skies, you would never guess that you couldn't even see the lake the day before - the snow was so intense! We had a lot of snow, but you can never tell from our back yard - it's always too windy for much snow to stick.

I hope you are having a wonderful winter, wherever you are!  Spring will be here soon, right? 


  1. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Incredibly beautiful shots, Alissa! I can't get over the crazy look of all that frozen water! Stay warm, girl! xo

  3. Beautiful! I have family in Spring Lake and have spent many a summer at the Lake, swimming and climbing the dunes. Thank you for sharing these breathtaking winter shots . Brings back lots of memories!

  4. Very beautiful ! I live on Lake Michigan - I have 2 sisters who frequently take pics - but nothing like this - they're just beautiful!

  5. So lovely! We didn't have any winter this year....

  6. Alissa!! Awesome pictures, as usual. I can't imagine THAT view, just in your backyard. Beautiful!!

  7. Those pix are absolutely amazing to me Alissa, coming out of a week of very, very hot weather down here in Oz - Adelaide, South Australia to be precise. They are introducing me to a whole new concept about snow -- I have never been in snow, and it's not on my bucket list, but it's mind-boggling to think about. Marvellous photos.

  8. love these!!! Thanks for sharing them here. I guess I need to check out your instagram :)


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