Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flower Love: The Bouqs

January in Michigan:  It's cold.  The sun is hardly out.  It snows.  Sometime a lot.  It's the time of year when I want fresh flowers in every room of the house to cheer me up and get me through the seemingly endless winter.  Bouqs to the rescue!  I can't tell you how excited I was when I was contacted by The Bouqs wondering if I would be interested in reviewing their flowers.  Heck yes!  Bring on the fresh flowers! 

Have you heard of The Bouqs?  Flowers are cut on the day you place your order and are sent directly from the farm. This means that you receive your flowers 2-4 days after they are cut vs.10-14 days when ordering through traditional flower services.  Ordering is also very simple - $40 flat fee including shipping for their standard size bouquets. 
There aren't many flowers that I don't like, so it took me a while to decide what to order.  I finally settled on roses called 'Dawn'.  The orange / coral color is so pretty and is just what I needed to cheer me up on the cold, grey days we've been experiencing.

My flowers arrived on the day I specified, all packaged up neatly in a long narrow box.  I ordered the Deluxe size (24 roses) and had plenty to make a few different arrangements.  I decided to share the love around the house!

I love having flowers on my nightstand.  I only needed 6 roses for this pretty little arrangement.  10 days later that I'm happy to say that they are still looking good and remain on my nightstand!

This larger arrangement found a home on my coffee table. The flowers brightened up the whole living room.  Just what I needed after packing up all of my Christmas stuff!

Big thanks to The Bouqs for helping me get through the winter! 


  1. Your pictures are so pretty! Fresh flowers make me happy too!

  2. Your beautiful photos cheered me up, almost as nice as having the flowers here in my home! I will definitely consider ordering flowers from The Bouqs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful!! The color pops so nicely everywhere you had them, they would definitely brighten a dreary day. :) Seriously, you live in a magazine, picture perfect!!


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