Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dahlia Love

It's dahlia season!  Last weekend at the farmers market I picked up a few.  I always seem to forget about dahlias until they make their appearance in late summer.  They are such a gorgeous flower - definitely one of my favorites.

Isn't this a beautiful shade of peach?

Sitting on my nightstand...

I love these too.

The edges looked like they are dipped in white.

It's hard to believe fall is right around the corner with gorgeous flowers like these still around!


  1. Beautiful pics!! Absolutely love that peach one. Wow, such a pretty color.

  2. Really beautiful, these brought back memories of my mum and dad. Every year they looked through catalogues for new dahlia varieties that they would add to the already large collection. In the spring these would then be planted and staked. The end of the season was spent digging them up and storing them in old stockings till they would be replanted in the spring

  3. i just love dahlias too, so much texture. i've been looking at every farmers market the last several weeks though and none have turned up yet :( gorgeous pics!

  4. I love Dahlias, too! My wedding bouquet was all dark pink dahlias. I've tried to paint them before but all those petals are a challenge. Your gorgeous photos inspire me to try again.

  5. Dahlias are stunning in the fall garden too. I love the splotched ones, so pretty!

  6. Beautifully photographed, and what beautiful flowers. I love the come-back of these flowers that were considered old-fashioned not that long ago :)

  7. Love them! Your photos are gorgeous :)

  8. beautiful dahlias!! i love dahlias they are gorgeous and were part of the flowers i used for my wedding

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  10. There is a dahlia society near me and the flowers are amazing!


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