Friday, October 21, 2011

Butterfly Art from Cottage & Vine

Happy Friday friends!  I have another wonderful project to share with you.  Rene from Cottage and Vine is here sharing her butterfly art.  Cottage and Vine is a home decor blog full of inspiring projects and ideas.  It's been a daily read of mine for a long time.  I always look forward to Rene's posts!

Hello to all of Alissa's readers!  I am Rene from the blog Cottage & Vine.  Alissa invited me here to be a guest today so thought that I would share one of my recent butterfly projects with you.

I used unfinished shadow boxes from AC Moore that I bought with a coupon.  The must have cost around $5 after the coupon.  I primed and sprayed them with a can of glossy black on the exterior and white on the inside edges.  The inside backs were rough so I used spray adhesive to line the backs with white card stock.

These are the butterflies I used.  They are made of thin wood and are located in the scrap book section at Micheal's.  I think they were around $2 after the coupon.

I played around with several different arrangements, but finally settled on this one with the blues together and the yellows together.  They were attached to the shadow boxes using a hot glue gun.  The graphic pop of color is just what this little corner of the kitchen needed.

There you have it...thank you for inviting me over today Alissa!
What a great project - thanks for sharing Rene!  I have seen versions of butterfly art in home decor stores and they are quite pricey.  This is a great way to achieve the same look on a budget.  For more inspiring ideas, visit Rene at Cottage and Vine.
I have two more days to soak up the sun - I'm going to go get back to it!  See you next Tuesday with a recipe.


  1. This is really cute

  2. Love this idea!! Very fun detail to add to a space.

  3. Good job! Looks beautiful.

  4. Love this. So simple yet looks so stunning!

  5. Very lovely! Perfect for my baby daughters room.

  6. What a cool...and easy idea! Love it, Alissa.

  7. there's just something about butterflies that i love! we used to have butterflies as decoration on our blinds -- we made it look like they were flying. :)

    <3, Mimi

  8. That's too fun! I'll have to try it out soon!

  9. Really beautiful! They remind me of a childhood memory I have of visiting my godparents. They had an amazing display of various butterflies.

  10. Very lovely! Very lovely!

  11. I love the butterfly pictures I really enjoyed youre choices. From what i read your blog is very well written and thought out.

  12. Collections like this, though unusual, can be a great wall decor. I've seen several Apartments for rent north dakota with similar decorsto these.


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